Neighborhood Industries Staff

Anthony "AP" Armour- Executive Director

Addie Carr- Director of Program Services

Ricky Bravo- Director of Development

Neighborhood Thrift

Aqualisha Davison- Assistant Manager

Jonathan Plata- Processing and Product Manager

Manny Rodriguez-Paredes -  Shift Supervisor 

Sandra Lopez- Clothing Manager

Rodrigo Martinez- Assistant Case/Shift Manager

Nhia Thao- Pick Up and Donations Manager

Robert Carpenter- Security/Tech

Rondy Khoun- Driver

Marisa Edwards- Cashier

Maria Ramos-Production Supervisor

Neighborhood Recycling

Stephen Love-Distribution Center Manager 

David Garcia- Recycling Manager 

Chue Yang-Recycle Processing Supervisor

Curtis DiRedo- Driver

Donovan Lopez - Driver

Board of Directors 

Dr. Alexandra Addo-Boateng, MFTI -California Health Colaborative

Bryan Feil- CEO Lanna Coffee 

Brian Fairbanks

Mark Ford (Chariman)-Owner of JD Foods

Matt Hiett- CFO- Kings River Packing 

Amy Ladd -Neighborhood Thrift Store Volunteer/Central  Adult School Admin

Artie Padilla - Co-Director of Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP)

Beth Paz -Youth Pastor, First Presbyterian Church 

Jake Soberal -CEO of Bitwise Industries